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Erica Brook

Erica Brook

Engagement Strategist

Erica is a Team Leader with UPLAND who brings 13 years of experience in diverse roles, specializing in collaborative leadership, public engagement, facilitation, process design, and strategic communication. She has an excellent ability to design and lead participatory processes that are effective, open and appropriate to the unique context of each community. Erica is an astute listener with keen intuition, able to distill complex ideas or issues and help communities find the solutions that are right for them. She is devoted to building compassion in public discourse, holding space for marginalized voices, and empowering groups of people to realize their shared goals.

Erica joined UPLAND after spending 8 years in diverse roles focused on community development, sustainability, environmental planning, and active transportation with the private, public, and non-profit sectors. She has spent time living and working in Newfoundland, Jamaica, Maine, and Tatamagouche and has been with UPLAND since 2015. 

Recently, she led a major Comprehensive Community Plan in Lunenburg and is currently working on an Active Transportation Plan for North Preston, as well as the Colchester Affordable Housing Needs & Supply Study.