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Angharad Wylie

Angharad Wylie

GIS Analyst/Planning Technician



Angharad is a geomatics technician and geographer with an interest in public space, rural issues, and sustainability. She sees mapping as a critical tool for making sense of and communicating about complex social issues, especially those relating to how people interact with their environment.

She brings to UPLAND a set of technical skills which range from graphic design to spatial data analysis, affording her the ability to bridge gaps between planning and design concepts, objective geographic analysis, and clear visual presentation of information. She supports diverse community planning and landscape design projects with data analysis, drafting, and cartography.

A graduate of Concordia University and the Centre of Geographic Sciences, Angharad has lived and worked across Canada from British Columbia to the Maritimes as well as in the US. She spent five years living in rural Nova Scotia before beginning her work with UPLAND in Halifax.