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Bruce Mans

Bruce Mans

Partner, Planner, Urban Designer



As a partner and co-founder, Bruce manages UPLAND’s park and trail-related projects. With an education in planning and practical experience in landscape design, Bruce offers the unique ability to lead projects through the entire planning and design process, from high-level policy development, conceptual design, community engagement, project management, right through to detailed design and implementation. As a result, he understands the importance of communicating design and ensuring ideas are feasible, rooted in community support, and improve the natural environment through innovative design solutions.

Bruce has applied this experience and philosophy to planning and design projects throughout Atlantic Canada, including active transportation plans, trail development, downtown revitalization plans, waterfront design concepts, and park development plans. Many of these projects have been recognized with planning and design awards, including a national award in Neighbourhood Planning from the Canadian Institute of Planning and awards from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and the Atlantic Planners Institute.