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Graeme Buffett

Graeme Buffett




Graeme is a graduate of Dalhousie University’s Master of Planning program where he focused on qualitative methods in order to complete research examining the impact of land use and other regulatory factors on live music venues in Halifax. His work examined the role of the vibrant music community and its contribution to the attractiveness and economic development of the city within the context of the creative cities research area. 

Graeme joined Upland after seven years of public sector experience as a professional planner working for municipalities in Nova Scotia, the United States, and most recently British Columbia. During this time Graeme worked extensively with development regulations and became passionate about the need to develop clear, readily understandable policy as well as user friendly accompanying  documents. Graeme has collaborated extensively with architects, engineers, professional biologists, and developers.

Graeme’s most recent work in British Columbia included a broad spectrum of municipal development planning with applications ranging from minor variances to major multi use developments, and shoreline stabilization projects. Graeme contributed to a district housing needs assessment and a secondary suites study. Graeme was also responsible for rapidly producing design guidelines for street and sidewalk patios used by restaurants and cafes in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.