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Ian Watson

Ian Watson




Ian Watson joined UPLAND after spending four years as a municipal planner in a diverse regional municipality. His early career was defined by a number of high-profile—and hotly contested—planning issues, such as large-scale wind turbines and the preparation of a new regional plan. These early “trials by fire” gave Ian experience beyond his years and quickly developed him into a planner with a knack for effective public engagement and an astute sense of diplomacy and tact.

Ian brings a highly analytical approach to solving problems. He has adapted this approach into expertise developing clear, concise policy and regulations that are easy to interpret and apply. Ian fundamentally believes that planning is a discipline that affects all people, and strives to ensure planning processes and outcomes are understandable and accessible to everyone.

Most recently Ian drew on his wide range of skills to support his deep involvement in the Kings 2050 development of a new Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law for the Municipality of Kings in Nova Scotia. Since joining UPLAND, Ian has been managing four major development applications for a large development company and is leading the consultation for a regional recreational asset study.

In 2008 he received a first-place award in a photography competition at the Museum of Dr. Sonduzy. For Sasan, photography is motivating and encourages him to explore and examine the space that he is living in.

With close to 10 years of design experience, working across disciplines from logo and identity design, signage design, layout design, packaging to website design and environmental branding, Sasan has developed a diverse range of skills in various design applications.