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Nathan MacLeod

Nathan MacLeod

Senior Landscape Architect



Nathan has a genuine interest in the people and places around him. As a result, his professional practice relies heavily on active listening and observing. Combined with his education and experience, this approach results in thoughtful plans and designs that respect their context and the people who use them. A skillful listener, Nathan has a knack for solving tough problems and building consensus among diverse groups.

Nathan is a Licensed Professional Planner and a full member of the Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects. His Bachelor of Community Design (Honours in Urban Design Studies) and Masters of Landscape Architecture education is supplemented by three years of municipal planning experience and four years of design experience in the private sector. This interdisciplinary range of experience has given him the ability to work and communicate effectively with people of all backgrounds. He is a confident public speaker and has a particular interest in the participatory design process (devoting his Masters practicum to the topic as a service learning project with the Strait Area Trails Association in Port Hawkesbury).

While working as a Planner with the EDPC, Nathan was responsible for all aspects of the municipal planning process, ranging from rezonings and policy amendments to a full review of the Port Hood Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law. He was involved in projects in most of the Commission’s member municipalities and worked effectively with Area Advisory Committees, Planning Advisory Committees and municipal Councillors and Staff.

During his time at A49, Nathan worked at all phases of the Landscape Architecture design process and is comfortable with a range of professional software, including AutoCAD, SketchUp, PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign. He also has a personal preference for hand drawing and its direct physical connection between designer and page.