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Cycle Nova Scotia Brochures

Jan 2015

Building on our expertise in sustainable transportation and design communication, UPLAND led a creative design team in creating professional bicycle tourism products that clearly and elegantly communicate the aesthetic and cultural values of Nova Scotia’s key cycling destinations. Our team, in collaboration with Bicycle Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, and the local cycling community, prepared brochures and route maps for five key areas around the province that have been placed in Visitor Information Centres throughout Nova Scotia. These materials were also presented on a website (www.cyclenovascotia.ca) to show prospective visitors from around the world that cycling in Nova Scotia is a “must-do”. The project has been a major step forward in the recognition of cycling as an important tourism asset for the province of Nova Scotia.

The brochures have flown off the shelves of the Visitor Information Centres and have proven to be in high demand. As a result, plans are being made to produce another series of brochures highlighting other areas of the province.

Clients: Bicycle Nova Scotia Tourism Nova Scotia
Location: Nova Scotia
Service areas: Design, Tourism Development, Mapping, Graphic Design, Web Design, Active Transportation
Start date: Jan 2015
Finish Date: Dec 2015
Collaborating: NA