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Downtown Dartmouth Growth Scenarios

Dec 2014

As part of the Regional Centre Plan Project, UPLAND was engaged by Halifax Regional Municipality to model three height and building envelope control scenarios for Downtown Dartmouth, to evaluate and, if necessary, to mitigate shadow impacts associated with each scenario.

The models and shadow analyses will assist HRM planning staff in establishing new policies that will protect the scale and character of existing neighborhoods while removing barriers to a well-designed and appropriately scaled intensification of Downtown Dartmouth. UPLAND’s scenario visualizations will also continue to be used to foster informed public discourse on appropriate building height and massing guidelines.

In December 2014, UPLAND presented the Downtown Dartmouth scenario models and shadow analyses to an audience of over 200 people at a public meeting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Clients: Halifax Regional Municipality
Location: Dartmouth, NS
Service areas: Urban Design, Growth Scenarios, Downtown Plans
Start date: Jan 2014
Finish Date: Dec 2014
Collaborating: NA