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Halifax Pocket Bike Map

Oct 2022

In 2022, UPLAND and Sasan Moradian worked with Halifax Regional Municipality to develop a pocket-sized bike map for Halifax’s Regional Centre. The map was designed as a convenient resource to help cyclists navigate safely and easily, and will be used as a template for future updates to other Municipal bike mapping products.

The map illustrates cycling routes and amenities in the area, alongside safety information about local cycling laws, etiquette, and facility types. It also provides steps for what to do in case of a collision. 

This resource is aimed at new residents and visitors to Halifax. Expanding on other regional maps, the design provides more detailed information on the regional centre’s bike network—including multi-modal connections, key destinations, steep slopes, one-way streets, and infrastructure such as fix-it stations and public washrooms. 

The design process included extensive stakeholder engagement with local cycling advocates, bike shops, and internal Municipal departments and Committees. 

To see a digitial version or find out where to pick up a copy of the map go to https://www.halifax.ca/transportation/cycling-walking/where-walk-cycle

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Clients: Halifax Regional Municipality
Location: Halifax, NS
Service areas: Graphic Design, Mapping, Active Transportation
Start date: Mar 2022
Finish Date: Aug 2022
Collaborating: Sasan Moradian