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Micro Boutique Living

Jan 2020

 UPLAND designed the landscape for the new Micro Boutique Living building in Fredericton. The location has steep wooded slopes that gave exciting design challenges. A more formal landscape with terraced natural stone look walls with evergreens, grasses and wildflowers was designed for the front with a more natural look at the rear. There, a narrow terrace runs along the length of the building providing amenity space for residents with a backdrop of vegetated walls with woodland planting terraces then the existing woodland beyond. At the building entrance is a small entrance plaza with bespoke seating walls, pavers, and bikes racks. An existing brook separates it from a woodland retreat space beyond. This landscaped area has stone seating hewn from rocks found on-site on which users can relax with the sounds and views of the brook and the woodland behind. Construction: 2021

Clients: Micro Boutique Living
Location: Fredericton, NB
Service areas: Landscape Design
Start date: Jan 2020
Finish Date: Construction 2021
Collaborating: Breakhouse, CBCL