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East Preston Active Transportation Plan

Jan 2018

East Preston is a community located in a rural part of the Halifax Regional Municipality, on the eastern shore. Walking and other active modes of transportation are very common in this community, but many of the most used active transportation routes are busy roads, unsafe, and not enjoyable for users.

Following a walkability audit conducted by the client in 2017 which concluded that East Preston is “a disaster for walking”, the community decided that action was needed. UPLAND worked with the East Preston Active Transportation Committee and local public engagement facilitator LaMeia Reddick to gather input that helped to create a tangible, practical, and context-sensitive plan aimed at recommending much-needed improvements.

The plan identifies existing amenities such as trails, sidewalks, bus transit and stops, carpool parking areas, and bicycle racks, and includes recommendations for where to target amenity and infrastructure investments to most effectively improve safety for walking and cycling in East Preston.

Clients: East Preston Active Transportation Advisory Committee
Location: East Preston, NS
Service areas: Design, Active Transportation Planning
Start date: Jan 2018
Finish Date: Dec 2018
Collaborating: LaMeia Reddick