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Fundy Discovery Site Natural Playground

Jul 2020

UPLAND worked in collaboration with Cobequid Consulting to design / build a natural playground at the Fundy Discovery Site just outside of Truro, NS. This was Phase 1 of the implementation of UPLAND’s Fundy Discovery Site Master Plan – which aims to create a new sense of place in an already popular tourist destination. Many of the playground features have been designed to represent the region’s rich and dynamic landscape. The central feature was a large earthwork designed to reflect the tidal bore, a tidal phenomenon that forms a wave of water that travels up the adjacent Salmon River against the direction of the river’s current. The playground also featured an accessible triple-bay swing set, all ages and abilities play area, mud kitchen, hill slides and climbing boulders from a local quarry. The unique vistas of the site will be captured by the large towers that will be installed in Phase 2 of the construction. We also designed bespoke ‘Wave’ seating that reflects the Discovery Site’s brand identity.

Imager credits:

Top image: Cobequid Consulting

Other images: Municipality of County of Colchester

Bench image: UPLAND

Clients: Municipality of County of Colchester
Location: Truro, NS
Service areas: Landscape Architecture
Start date: 2018
Finish Date: 2019
Collaborating: Cobequid Consulting