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Lake View Residence

Jul 2020

UPLAND designed the new landscape surrounding a beautiful contemporary home overlooking the Bras d’Or Lake in Cape Breton.

The design features a driveway that opens to an entrance courtyard and views through the house to the lake beyond. The courtyard features a Nova Scotian take on a Japanese style garden with granite boulders, gravel and specimen evergreen shrubs and grasses. The guest parking leads to a ‘Welcome Plaza’ with views through the house, across a new heather carpet, towards the church in the distance. The courtyard also features a south-facing outdoor living space with decking that extends the house into the landscape and rock filled gabion seating.

Lakeside, gravel paths to the beach, a firepit area, and a secluded lookout and reading terrace, cut through swathes of new native woodland and lakeside groundcovers. All new planting is low maintenance and located to not restrict views.

Title Address Description
103 Tidal Bore Rd, Lower Truro, NS B6L 1T9, Canada
Clients: Private
Location: Bras d’Or Lake, NS
Service areas: Landscape Architecture, Residential Design
Start date: 2018
Finish Date: 2018
Collaborating: Rayleen Hill Architecture + Design