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Stratford Waterfront Core Area Plan

Jul 2020

UPLAND is currently working with the Town of Stratford, PEI to conduct a Planning Review and to produce a Waterfront Park & Gateway Conceptual Design for the Waterfront Core Area. 

Stratford is advancing its future downtown, and the Waterfront Core Area has reached a major milestone in this process: the sewage lagoon is finally about to be removed, leaving room for a new gateway image of the Town of Stratford. 

UPLAND is working with the Town to seize this unique opportunity to make the waterfront area clearly distinguishable from Charlottetown’s counterpart and juxtapose it against the historic setting across the harbour. On the blank canvas of the newly freed up prime waterfront land, an innovative public space will not only be enjoyed by Stratford residents, but will also attract visitors and tourists that would normally drive through the town. 

Clients: Town of Stratford
Location: Stratford, PEI
Service areas: Urban Design, Landscape Design, Parks and Trails
Start date: Jul 2020
Finish Date: 2021
Collaborating: Breakhouse, CBCL Limited
2 waterfront concepts being pitched to Stratford residents Mar 2021
Stratford’s new waterfront plan taking shape Oct 2021