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New Maryland Athletic Park

Nov 2023

New Maryland is a popular community of just over 4,000 residents on the outskirts of Frederiction, New Brunswicks capital city. In the summer of 2022, UPLAND and REConsulting were engaged by the Village of New Maryland to create a redevelopment plan for Athletic Park, its key public space located in the very heart of the community. 

As many of the courts and equipment have begun showing their age and needed replacement, the Village saw an opportunity to fully rethink the concept of the park. UPLAND led the public consultation on the redevelopment of Athletic Park, which was a vitally important dialogue that offered many insights on the recreational needs of the community. Several consultation methods were chosen to engage Village residents in productive discussions about the park. 

A key insight from the process was that the park was mostly used as a utilitarian venue for organized sports, but that it offered potential to take on a much wider role as a gathering spot for residents of all ages.

UPLAND delivered the conceptual redevelopment plan based on an analysis of recreational trends, community feedback and current best practices in park design. A convertible splash pad was proposed as the new focal point of the park, allowing for usage as a skating rink in the winter. That way, the new park concept will encourage more park usage during the winter months.

Drone photograph of existing New Maryland Athletic Park
Clients: Village of New Maryland
Location: New Maryland, NB
Service areas: Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, Site Planning, Community Engagement
Start date: Jul 2022
Finish Date: Oct 2023
Collaborating: NA