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Bedford Highway Functional Plan

Oct 2018

Crandall Engineering, in partnership with UPLAND and IBI Group, completed a functional plan for Bedford Highway, a 12km long urban arterial. The goal was to develop a new vision for the corridor considering all modes of travel, including walking, cycling, transit, and automobiles.

The scope included data collection, topo survey, public and stakeholder engagement, concept development, multimodal level of service analysis, detailed functional design drawings of two corridor options, construction cost estimates, utility impact assessment, right-of-way impact assessment, evaluation of land use implications, and an implementation plan.

The functional design included the design of transit priority measures, active transportation facilities, pedestrian crossings, signalized intersections, roundabouts, and other safety features. The project took place over a short six-month timeline and included two rounds of public consultation throughout development.

Clients: Halifax Regional Municipality
Location: Halifax, NS
Service areas: Planning, Municipal Planning, Transportation Planning
Start date: Oct 2018
Finish Date: Apr 2019
Collaborating: Crandall Engineering, IBI Group