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Conception Bay South Plan Review

Nov 2018

Conception Bay South is a rapidly growing Town within the St. John’s region. It provides residents with the eclectic diversity of a smaller-town rural feel mixed with beautiful river valleys, an extensive coastline, and new housing development. The Town’s current planning documents are reaching the end of their planning horizon, and the Town seeks to address the opportunities and challenges of the coming decade. Conception Bay South faces continued, but slower, growth; an aging population; a shrinking supply of readily-serviced land; and the hazards and risks presented by a changing climate and sea level rise. The new planning documents will help encourage greater housing diversity, protect cherished natural features, encourage efficient use of services, account for sea level rise and other natural hazards, and promote attractive commercial development. The new documents will also be clear, unambiguous, and easy to interpret for anyone who wishes to read them.

UPLAND is leading the review of the Town’s Municipal Plan and Development Regulations to help chart the course for the next 10 years of the Town’s development. This project includes extensive public consultation, a review of trends and issues that have arisen since the last plan review, an update of the Town’s planning documents, and a conceptual physical plan for undeveloped lands in the western end of town. 

Clients: Town of Conception Bay South
Location: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland
Service areas: Planning, Municipal, Plan Review, Municipal Policy Planning, Bylaw Development, Public Consultation
Start date: Nov 2018
Finish Date: Ongoing
Collaborating: NA