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Rothesay Secondary Plan

Feb 2017

As part of a multi-disciplinary design team, UPLAND was engaged by the Town of Rothesay to prepare a Secondary Plan for 450 acres of land collectively known as the “Hillside”. Over recent years, the town of 12,000 people had seen increased interest from developers to extend existing residential neighbourhoods into the currently undeveloped lands.

In order to curb piecemeal development, the Town wanted to look at the undeveloped lands in a comprehensive manner and tasked UPLAND with preparing a Secondary Plan that would guide growth considering housing needs, transportation networks, public spaces and facilities, the overall character of development and the efficient allocation of municipal infrastructure dollars in a coordinated way. UPLAND led the public engagement (including an open house with 170+ attendants), designed the development framework for over 3,000 new residents and was lead author of the Secondary Plan.

Clients: Town of Rothesay
Location: Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada
Service areas: Planning, Design, Comprehensive, Community Plans
Start date: Feb 2017
Finish Date: May 2019
Collaborating: Crandall Engineering