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Plan Twillingate

May 2019

The Town of Twillingate is located on Notre Dame Bay on the northwestern shore of Newfoundland and Labrador. Historically a fishing village, the economy in Twillingate has diversified significantly in recent years. Most notably the Town has become a top tourist destination in the summer months and this has given rise to a diverse offering including hospitality, culinary, music and performance art, fine art, and adventure opportunities. This shift has lead to a number of challenges, such as large influxes of visitors in the summer months, parking conflicts, and increased demands on the limited supply of available residential lands. In addition, the community is facing many of the challenges found throughout Atlantic Canada, such as aging populations, aging infrastructure, and the effects of climate change. The existing Twillingate Municipal Plan and Development Regulations were almost 25 years old and lacked the tools to address the challenges and opportunities of today.

UPLAND worked with the Town to develop a new Municipal Plan and Development Regulations that consider the community’s traditional economic activities while adapting to the context of today. This project included a wide range of consultation methods to capture residents, visitors, and business owners in various industries. This project was an opportunity for the Town to look at planning topics from sheds to sea level rise, and implement policies and regulations that support the Town’s development over the next 10+ years while being easy to understand and implement.

Clients: Town of Twillingate
Location: Twillingate, Newfoundland
Service areas: Planning, Municipal Planning, Land Use Planning, Community Design
Start date: May 2019
Finish Date: Aug 2021
Collaborating: NA