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Queens, Planning for the Future

Jul 2018

The Region of Queens Municipality possesses incredible natural beauty and historic significance. It is also an area characterized by diverse settlement patterns, from downtown Liverpool to traditional farming areas, protected Provincial and National Parks to resource areas, and clusters of coastal and lake recreation properties. With a shrinking and aging population, Queens was interested in taking active steps to the improve health and wellbeing of its citizens, nurture an engaged citizenry, foster business opportunities, protect the built and natural environment, and adapt to climate change.

The Region of Queens Municipality was established in 1996, the result of a successful merger of the Municipality of the County of Queens and the Town of Liverpool. This amalgamation pushed the region to develop a ground-breaking Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw in 2009. Those documents have served the region well over the past nine years. However, new issues and opportunities have emerged, and there was a chance to more concisely and systematically manage development in this diverse region.

UPLAND was tasked with leading a comprehensive review of the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw. Over the course of this project, UPLAND worked to engage in a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders and citizens of the Region of Queens to devise a community vision, progressive policy, and unambiguous, easy-to-understand regulations which readied the municipality for an exciting future.

Clients: Region of Queens
Location: Region of Queens, NS
Service areas: Planning, Community Design, Municipal Planning, Municipal Plan Review
Start date: Jul 2018
Finish Date: May 2022 
Collaborating: Turner Drake & Partners, ABLE Engineers