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Roosevelt Campobello International Park Revitalization Plan

Sep 2017

In 2018, UPLAND developed a Revitalization Plan for the natural area of Roosevelt Campobello International Park, which is located on Campobello Island on the border of New Brunswick and Maine. The objective of this project was to improve the existing trail network and design a new cycling trail facility around the island. Other improvements, such as amenities and features such as boardwalk structures, lookout areas, trail signage, and branding were also a key outcome for this project.

The plan was completed in early 2018, and by the end of 2019, construction on Phase 1 and 2 was already completed. UPLAND also developed a signage plan to help guide visitors through the new trails that have been built.

Testimonial: “We have found UPLAND to be very capable and affordable. Being a relatively young firm they bring a great deal of enthusiasm and flexibility. They are well versed in design, modern construction techniques and have been very good at staying within budget.” – Stephen Smart, Operations Manager

Clients: Roosevelt Campobello International Park
Location: Campobello Island, New Brunswick
Service areas: Parks and Trails, Trail Design, Wayfinding, Signage
Start date: Jan 2017
Finish Date: Dec 2019
Collaborating: NA