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Stratford Community Campus Plan

Mar 2021

UPLAND is currently working with the Town of Stratford, PEI on a visionary project to plan for projected population growth. Specifically, Stratford Town Council has been laying the groundwork to address overcrowding of its schools while also updating and replacing its recreational facilities. It has started the planning process to provide the amenities that the growing community needs: schools, sports facilities, business park expansion, and new outdoor gathering places proposed to be arranged on a 170 acre parcel of undeveloped land recently purchased by the Town. 

UPLAND conducted a recreation needs analysis, physical site analysis, and robust community consultation that informed the design process leading up to the final master plan. Concept development included establishing campus design principles, site programming, and spatial relationships that informed two site design alternatives and ultimately the final plan. 

The final plan was presented to the community in December 2021.

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Clients: Town of Stratford
Location: Stratford, PEI
Service areas: Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Open Space Design, Recreation Planning, Community Engagement, Placemaking, Master Planning, Planning
Start date: Mar 2021
Finish Date: Dec 2021
Collaborating: RHAD, CBCL