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Inverness Central Avenue Detailed Design

Jan 2021

UPLAND is currently leading the placemaking and active transportation conceptual design, landscape architectural detailed design and public engagement for two kilometres of the community of Inverness’s mainstreet. 

As follow-up project to UPLAND’s Inverness Growth Management Strategy, this mainstreet design project builds on the desire of the community to strengthen the identity of the central business district as a tourist destination and to make it a more pleasant place to navigate, both for locals and visitors. 

After exploring and scoring three functional design options for the entire corridor, the project has proceeded to the conceptual design of: 

  • Gateway treatments; 
  • Reconfiguring curb lines at intersections to encourage speed reduction; 
  • Installation of crosswalk/decorative medians; 
  • Sidewalk improvements; 
  • The addition of bike lanes; and 
  • Landscaping, street furniture design and placemaking. 

 Construction of the new Central Avenue is anticipated to take place in 2022.

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Clients: Municipality of the County of Inverness
Location: Inverness, NS
Service areas: Active Transportation, Landscape Architecture, Public Consultation
Start date: Jan 2021
Finish Date: Ongoing
Collaborating: RVA, Englobe