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Project Lunenburg Comprehensive Community Plan

Jan 2019

Project Lunenburg is a process for creating a Comprehensive Community Plan. UPLAND was hired by the Town to guide this major two year process that defined community goals and aspirations, and charted a course that got community efforts moving in the same direction, contributing to a shared vision for the future.

The Town currently has a Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law that were adopted in 1996 and periodically updated as required. While these documents do guide the development of the community, they are limited in their ability to influence aspects of the community beyond land uses and new building development.

Council and the community are now taking a more holistic look at the future of Lunenburg so that decisions about parks and public spaces, utility investments, arts programming, public buildings, streetscaping, transportation infrastructure, architectural design, collaboration, and land use all support a shared vision.

Community input was at the core of Project Lunenburg, with over 400 people participating in the formative stage of the process, including 150 attending a workshop on housing. Consultation was delivered online, through outreach, with interviews, and monthly public meetings on key topic area. As the community focused on one topic at time, the topics were supported with a Discussion Paper providing background information and broader context, and a What We Heard Report that summarizes the community input.

The final outcomes include guiding objectives, spatial plans, priorities for implementation, and will be followed by an updated MPS and LUB.

Title Address Description
119 Cumberland St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada
Clients: Town of Lunenburg
Location: Lunenburg, NS
Service areas: Comprehensive Planning, Land Use Planning, Municipal Plans, Urban Design
Start date: Jan 2019
Finish Date: Ongoing
Collaborating: Turner Drake, CBCL, Wendy Shearer