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Halifax Centre Plan

Jan 2015

HRM’s Regional Centre is a 33 square kilometre area that is home to almost 100,000 people. Over the next 15 years the Centre could see up to 33,000 new residents. The Centre’s existing planning framework was a patchwork of policies and regulations carried over from the amalgamation of former cities. Parts of the framework dated from over 40 years ago, and were not responsive to the intense change facing the Centre.

UPLAND was the local urban planning and design lead as part of a multidisciplinary team tasked with modernizing and streamlining planning in the Regional Centre. The 12-month collaborative study built upon the Centre’s historic, cultural, and natural features while reaffirming the Centre as the symbolic, historic, and functional heart of HRM. The Plan charts a strategic course for accommodating growth in the Regional Centre, while promoting an urban form and structure that creates a desirable place to live.

Clients: Halifax Regional Municipality
Location: Halifax, NS
Service areas: Planning, Land Use Planning, Municipal Planning
Start date: Jan 2015
Finish Date: Jan 2017
Collaborating: O2, Turner Drake, National, CBCL