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Pictou Waterfront Plan

Jul 2021

The waterfront in the Town of Pictou has a long history as a site of human activity, ingenuity, and perseverance. The abundance of resources and topography of the region made Pictou’s harbour an ideal location for a settlement, and following the arrival of Scottish immigrants in the 18th century, the Town of Pictou began to grow steadily—yielding its title “Birthplace of New Scotland.” 

The evolution of Pictou’s working waterfront has created a cherished public space, though there remain gaps in the fabric of the downtown and waterfront that represent opportunities for future development. UPLAND was hired by the Town to create a concept for the waterfront that would tie waterfront efforts together and to create a vision and plan that celebrates the uniqueness of Pictou.

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Clients: Town of Pictou
Location: Pictou, NS
Service areas: Comprehensive Planning, Community Engagement, Planning Policy, Landscape Architecture, Tourism & Destination
Start date: Jul 2021
Finish Date: Mar 2022
Collaborating: NA